Travelling is a lazy way of trying to sound more interesting

No idea how to spend the long week? Take a vacation overseas and instantly become a more interesting person!

 Have you ever met anyone who is well-traveled ? I'm sure you have. He has been there, seen and experienced those amazing things, wow right?

 When I was on Tinder for several weeks - but have since deleted my account - I noticed that most people listed travelling as one of their hobbies and many would brag about the number of countries they have visited.

Do people have anything better to say other than that have travelled to X number of countries? In the past when travel was expensive, someone from overseas or who has travelled extensively seemed intriguing. But now, it's nothing. Even my mother who hates travelling has travelled overseas.

"Interesting" is relative, of course. I don't think the number of countries a person has been to represents how interesting he is on a scale of 1 to 195 (because there are 195 countries in the world). Travelling is not about checking off a bucket list of places to visit. If you've traveled to 195 but have nothing more to say than "I've traveled to 195 countries", then you're missing the point.


Anonymous said...

The interest to travel is likely to indicate an interesting person. And vice versa. Barring the occasional exception to the rule. So everything else in the person remaining normal and a constant, I would the odds are better to discover an interesting encounter if he or she has travelled or likes travel.