Sexual release helps creativity?

I (used to) have a friend who writes text books for a living. It has been difficult for me to start writing as much as I did before so I shared with him on a text message that I have been feeling anxious about some (temporary) things that are happening in my life and asked him how he manages to find the mental space to write.

We are not close friends and he doesn't know much about my private life so I was surprised when he suggested that sexual release would help my anxiety issues and help my creativity to flow. Regardless of whether there is any truth to it or not, it is such a crass suggestion!

I wrote back that I disliked his comment. But he insisted that this is something he teaches his students.

I don't know whether he was suggesting the two of us have sex to enable my writing but he sure sounds like a bomoh (a Malay shaman) that teaches his followers that to exorcise the demons in them or cure their illness they would need to let him bang the demons out of them!


Paul Tan said...

I guess your friend is going for broke lol.

Anonymous said...

Your so-called friend is taking advantage of your anxieties by suggesting sex. A weak and gullible woman would have fallen for the ruse. Having said this, in normal circumstances a good sexual encounter can yield good benefits that may help creativity. A bad experience may yield more problems. Sex is not the only avenue towards a better frame of mind but it certainly can be one provided you choose the right partner.