A guy should always foot the bill?

I heard from my friend that her married male friend complained that his wife makes him pay for everything, including their food and taxi. She's a stay-at-home mom and she wants to find a part-time job. This guy and his other guy friend think she is very wrong for not splitting the expenses and also wrong for wanting to find a part-time job because she should concentrate on taking care of the family.

I think those guys have strange logic:

1. If women should share the cost of living, then what is the purpose of having a man? Companionship? Sex? Oh, please! These are things that men, not women, need from the opposite sex.

2. What's wrong with a woman (married, with a child) having a job? If the man makes tonnes of money, has many servants are home and needs someone he trusts to run the household, then he would be wise to ask his wife to concentrate her effort on running the household. He doesn't think that she might need some intellectual stimulation beyond watching TV at home while breastfeeding the baby. Well, of course not because he can't imagine himself needing any more stimulation than that! God, give him boobs! 

3. Where is the woman supposed to get her money from if she's not working?! Does he pay her for having sex with you? Obviously not because he married her for the lifetime unlimited free sex!

I asked a 31 year old guy friend whether he thinks the woman should split the bill with her boyfriend or husband. He said initially he would foot the bill but as they get closer he would expect the woman to start paying for more and more of the expenses. If the man is unable to afford something the woman should contribute what she can, especially if they are married. Isn't the woman then paying money to be a baby-sitter to a big baby who can't clean up after himself and to offer him sex?

Perhaps people think this of me: you are still single because you have these expectations. Sure, they are entitled to their narrow-minded views. They don't consider the possibility that there are people who wish to date me "despite" my expectations. I believe a guy should always foot the bill, even if he's still serving national service. If he can't afford to buy me an ice cream what does he expect me to eat? His? It's not even as tasty as he thinks!


Anonymous said...

I am really surprised by your views. From my reading of your blog, I thought you were a modern, strong, independent woman, and your expectation that a man should always pay seems oddly outdated.

Paul Tan said...

He will be complaining even more about the 20% CPF contribution from husband to wife's CPF account if the wife is a stay-home housewife.

Anonymous said...

If a woman isnt available to provide her husband sex when she is in a position to do so, why the hell get married then? If a woman isn't allowed to find gainful employment where is her dignity and independence? If a man cant foot the majority of the family expenses what is the point of being a man? If a woman is just as capable as her equally high income husband and wishes to nick pick and refuses to share equitably their joint expenditures then it's better for both to go their separate ways. Money should be the least of their problems. They will be happier without each other.