What it's like dating a fat guy

First of all, why would I date a fat guy?

By fat, I don't mean obese. He could be someone with a some extra flab. Perhaps he's going through a difficult time in this life, e.g. stress at work causes people to eat more or have less time to exercise. Everyone goes through difficult periods in their lives and I tend to want to give these guys a chance instead of striking them off for their extra flab. However, I would sense an settling emotional anxiety and lack of inner calm - which causes me to be anxious too. While being fat isn't necessarily an indication of poor character, it indicates to me that the guy's emotional state makes him an unsuitable match for me at that point in time.

I'm not saying that guy with extra flab are bad people but that they lack respect for their own bodies at that point in their lives. Besides, I'm unwilling to tell him that he looks fabulous when he's actually "flabulous"!


Paul Tan said...

I lost 10kg as my mum used to nag at me for my growing weight...and I succeeded...it is possible if you put your heart to it.

Tzyy Sin said...

Best not to date them in the first place since they are likely to be fat for years and may not slim down just cus you say so.