No sushi, no sex!

A friend told me that he corresponded via email with a woman who asked him whether he likes sushi. When he replied that he didn't fancy it, he received an angry email from her stating that she didn't want to continue corresponding reason being "You saying that you don't like sushi is the same as I saying that I do not like sex. It would not be acceptable to you if I didn't like sex so it's not acceptable to me that you do not like sushi."

That sushi woman must have some sort of fetish about sushi for her to have compared sushi to sex!   

In one of the last episodes of TV series Sex and the City, Samantha awaited the return of her boyfriend while being naked with sushi on her body. Unfortunately, he was working and unable to come home that day. She dumped the sushi and eventually him too.

I'm certain sushi woman got her idea from Samantha! What else could explain her unwillingness to date a person who doesn't like sushi?


David said...

Like Samantha, you will never know what's in the mind of the women who dislikes a man because he does not like sushi.

Liking or disliking a particular food does not make a person more sexy or less sexy.

If a person does use food likes & dislikes for rating anothers sex appeal I would advise avoiding any effort at relationship building with that individual.

Paul Tan said...

The Japanese have a unique practise of serving sushi on the body of a naked woman. The term is Nyotaimori. You may want to google to find out more.