"If you want to f*** let's get it on" and rude things guys say

That was a rude message that I've received in my inbox from some random guy. That line won't work on any woman at all so why do guys bother to write such messages?

Another rude message that I received was from a guy whom I got to know at a special interest forum unrelated to sex and relationships. He is married and I did not flirt with him at all and all we discussed was the interest in question so I was surprised when he texted "your face is not pretty but it is pleasant and you have a sexy body. I must try!" What a rude and weird message!

I don't recall the exact words of another guy but the essence of it was that he was offering sex to me out of concern that I might be sexually deprived.

I have no idea where these guys learned to say such things! :O
They are disgusting and downright rude!


Tzyy Sin said...

This shows the genetic makeup of human males have not been changed for many many milleniums.

David said...

It appears the man you encountered was trolling for sex. His opinion of your face was not kind, not did he need to express such. He wanted sex, no more needs saying, aside from how shallow that man appears.

Showing that opinions vary greatly, I have found pictures of you appealing. IMHO I think you have a pretty face.

Paul Tan said...

It is an absolute no-no to say such stuff to someone you hardly know.