"I thought we would have had sex already"

That was what someone I dated said to me.

Although I found him sexually appealing, I felt that he had to master the art of pleasing me sexually with other of his body parts first. I explained this to him and asked him whether girls would usually sleep with him after 3 dates (remember the 3-date rule?). He said that all other girls he had dated before slept with him within less than 3 dates.

Several weeks later and still no sex, he told me that he didn't see himself in a long-term relationship with me. My gal friend remarked that it must have been because he wasn't getting any sex from me.

I think it was simply the lack of emotional connection. Whether I slept with him or not would have no effect on the final outcome but only delay the inevitable outcome. Anyway, he wasn't with any of those girls who readily slept with him so that proves my theory! 


Got to seduce your mind before he touches your body. Mental connection is very powerful.

David said...

IMHO, this man might want a relationship of some sort.

If you have not asked him why he does not see himself in a long term relationship with you, I suggest asking yourself, do you see Yu-Kym in a long term relationship with him?

If you think not, then it's time to move on. You and the man might be friends on one level or another, but from the limited info you present it appears he has no interest in being around long term.