"I didn't get you a gift because I hardly know you"

In my good old school days, boys who wanted to get to know a girl better, get her attention or confess his secret admiration for her would take the opportunity to give her a gift on Valentine's day. This was the norm. When the boys have all grown up (hopefully), they should continue to do the same.

That is why I was surprised when I heard "I didn't get you a gift because I hardly know you so I don't know what to get for you".

I'm not saying all guys are like that. Most guys I met (in the past few years) would give me small gifts when they meet me for the first time, when they return from an overseas trip or for special occasions. And gifts don't have to cost much money. Some gifts can even cost nothing.

Gifts definitely help in getting a woman's attention. Some gifts, such as chocolates, are no-brainers and there is almost no gift that a woman would dislike. Some examples of possibly "bad" gifts are sex-related or house-work related such as chastity belts or vacuum cleaners - though some women might like them they are inappropriate if you don't know each other well.  

What that phrase means:
1. I'm too lazy to think of what to get for you.
2. I have not decided whether you are worth my time.
3. You have not spent enough of your time with me.

Guys who are opposed to giving gifts are either insincere, lazy or have the idea that women need to give more of themselves before they are are worthy of receiving a gift in return. Women who accept that excuse can look forward to a very frustrating and boring life if they choose to be with such guys.


Tzyy Sin said...

Thanks for this tip, very helpful :)