Am I jetlagged if I'm waking up at 5am?

Have you noticed that I've been posting blogs early in the morning? I was jetlagged upon returning from Los Angeles (16 hours behind Singapore). It's not only my sleep that was disrupted but also my bodily functions. I would wake up at 3am feeling hungry and be unable to get back to sleep if I don't eat. I was able to sleep well the past 4 nights -  about 8 hours without waking up to eat. Although waking up at 5am isn't normal by Singapore "sleep standards", I now enjoy waking up early. It's nice to savour the silence and coolness of the morning and feel like I don't have to rush. There's nobody to talk to at this hour so if I feel like talking a little, I write a little on my blog. So it doesn't matter that I'm still jetlagged. I'm happy that I'm starting to write again. I wasn't in the creative mood the past year or so - but I read many books and articles. I feel totally in a creative mood now. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep waking up this early but I'm looking forward to writing more and I hope you're looking forward to reading more :)


Paul Tan said...

Happy Chinese New Year, Yu wishes for the year ahead.

David said...

Happy CNY! Missed in LA.

Of course I was 2000 miles north and eadt.