Aim for the moon!

I went ice skating today. I'm planning to learn skiing at the end of this month after my business trip. I think I would be able to learn faster if I'm comfortable on ice.  I've not stepped into the rink for 20 years! I wasn't much good at it back but much better than I am today.

My friend asked me whether I fell. "Of course! Many times," I said. "It's the only way to learn fast."

When I saw her reaction, I realised that how I learn may be different from others. I could have moved slower and get a "penguin" or "snowman" support to aid my learning but I went in unaided and moved faster when I got the hang of it. That, of course, resulted in many falls and blue-black bruises on my knees. I was happy with what I had achieved in an hour though I had imagined that I would do much better.

A friend told me that I should aim for the moon so that if I don't reach it I'll still be among the stars. 
But way before I received his advice, I'd already been this way. I was in the military band in secondary school. A year after learning how to play the flute, I wanted to play the drums. I was given permission to play "part time" in the drums section. I was very excited and I asked someone to teach me the drum marches when I had not mastered the basics of using a drumstick. A sarcastic band member remarked, "This baby doesn't know how to crawl but wants to learn how to run." Anyway, I got very good on the snare drums quickly.

I tend to take more risks to try to get better results. I give it my all plus a little bit more. This is what I do in relationships too. While most people give their affection and trust bit by bit to avoid getting hurt, I tend to give a great deal of it upfront. As a result, I've had some painful falls :( But imagine how great it would be when my affection is reciprocated! I would have the intense passion and romance that I want to experience. Perhaps it does not happen in real life but I can't help believing that I can make it happen and meet the right person who wants the same thing.

As I have gotten up each time after I fall in the rink and carry on skating, so will I pick myself up and persevere whenever a relationship does not turn out the way I want it to (either try to improve the relationship or find another partner). I can endure great pain for potentially great gain. And I've learned that time really does heal all wounds.

Btw, don't worry, nobody broke my heart recently. I'm only reflecting :)


Paul Tan said...

Yu Kym,

Nice to have you's a good hobby to have...I went back to cycling last year, but stopped when my bicycle was stolen haha...