Do you like down-to-earth girls?

In the span of 1 week, 2 guys boasted to me of their "down-to-earth" companions: a taxi driver who has a live-in "wife" though they didn't get married, and my friend who recently got a new girlfriend.
This term always makes me think about grass and soil, or someone who looks grubby like he'd been in the mud.

Although it's a term that I've heard many times and its definition certainly isn't what I wrote above, I had not put much thought into it before. But it was too much of a coincidence to hear it twice in a week. So when my friend mentioned it, I asked him what he meant by "down-to-earth".

This was his reply:
- nice and decent in character (e.g. honest, cares for family, hardworking)
- doesn't drink
- doesn't smoke
- doesn't party

But how many girls go out drinking and partying in pubs and clubs in search of a long-term relationship? Other guy friends told me that it's unlikely for them to considering having a serious relationship with a girl whom they met at a pub or club. Of course, it's really gender-biased for it to be acceptable for guys to drink, smoke and party while it isn't desirable for girls to do the same but that's the reality.

What's your definition of "down-to-earth" and do you like down-to-earth girls?

The dictionary definitions are:
1. Realistic; sensible.
2. Not pretentious or affected; straightforward.
3. Not overly ornate; simple in style.
4. practical


David said...


Your ALIVE! We missed your bloviating for months.

"down-to-earth", is an overused and meaningless phrase.

Without context those words can mean whatever the speaker has in mind.

Such phrases can hide untruths, and perhaps explains why this manner of speaking is used in self-descriptions.

I like your sensibility regarding this!

I know Christianity is not part of your life, but in the spirit of the season and something that's important to me.

I want to wish you, your family and friends a joyous holiday season and a peaceful and great new year!

Anonymous said...

I dont quite liked decent goodie 2 shoes girl if that is their definition of down to earth girls cos I'm not a decent IT kinda guy myself. I always like girls who are a little like me. Playful, knows how to have fun, clean and neat, able to enjoy a drink or 2 with me, enjoy my sense of humour, dress sexy. Of course being honest, hardworking, financially responsible are equally important traits but i don't think only these are traits monopolised by these so called down to earth girls.