Would you claim $5 for your phone bill if you earned $20k a month?

"If I earned $20,000 a month, I wouldn't claim $5 for my phone bill," said my friend when he accidentally found out that his colleague (whom he guessed earns a higher salary than him) submitted a claim for that amount. He thinks it costs way more than $5 in effort to process the claim.

I don't earn that kind of money so I have to pose this question: would you?

I don't see anything wrong with that and I would even submit a claim for $1. Why?
1. It is our right as an employee to get reimbursed for whatever amount that we spent in the course of our work.
2. We gain no personal enjoyment from it (in most cases) and wouldn't be spending that money if not for work.
3. We're not going to get even a pat on the back from the company for not claiming that $5, let alone a bonus or increment.
4. It does cost more than $5 in work effort to process a claim but that's what the people in HR are employed for. We don't want to put them out of a job, do we?

"Besides," I said, "perhaps it's that attitude of claiming $5 that got him into that $20,000 a month salary!".

The moral of the story is: if someone gives you an advantage, take it!


Anonymous said...

totally agree with you ! ultimately is not the amount , but matter of principle. it is your privilege, your benefit, it is what is yours to take.

Anonymous said...

I would. I make 19K per month and every single expense I have is submitted.