What people do when they have some money and lots of time?

1. Eat too much
In the old days, fat men are said to look "prosperous". In this day and age, nobody wants to be fat but they can't stop themselves from eating. Ever in search for the tastiest food, food programs and food reviews are extremely popular.

2. Watch TV and movies
Besides offering the wonder opportunity to eat too much while doing something else, the TV offers the anyone and everyone the ability to pass time. Anyone can "stone" in front of the TV, also known as the idiot box. It might take a little bit more effort to download or stream videos from the internet but a few minutes of "work" may be well worth the hours you can spend in front of the TV/computer. Going to the movies has become rather expensive over the past 10 years. I wouldn't recommend that to a person who only has "some" money.

3. Play games
Playing games can be free or they could cost you some money to buy in-game items. The majority of people on the MRT fiddling with their phones are playing games. It's a fantastic way to pass time. Before you know it, it'll be 2am but you still haven't "finished" the game. Perhaps you need to get to the next level and you'll feel great after completing it. But in reality, you'd have completed nothing! One good thing about playing games is - unlike when watching TV - that you won't have any hands free to eat. This could result in weight-loss. If you find yourself gaining weight despite hours of gaming, it means you're not spending enough time gaming.

4. Take vacations
With budget airlines and budget accommodation widely accessible, it does not cost much to travel. E.g. a trip from Singapore to Krabi cost me only SG$420 for 4 days and 3 nights (twin-share, including tour and food).

5. Have sex
For women, it's no problem getting it anytime. For guys, if they're willing to pay, they would be able to get it anytime too. Don't despair if you don't have money for sex. There's hope - as there is for people living in 3rd world countries.

6. Buy unnecessary things
Shopping is every woman's favourite pastime. In the past, shopping was limited to shopping hours. Now, we can do it 24x7! But it's not only the women who buy unnecessary things. Men do it too, e.g. buying the latest gadgets or yet another collared t-shirt that looks the same as the one he's already wearing!

As for me, I'm guilty of one of the above. Which do you think it is?


Zane L said...

Hey babe, welcome back, your not enuff gaming is quite funny.

Anyway, Singaporeans are increasingly getting busy. Any solutions for that to getting back a work/life balance?


David said...


Most people have lots of time and enought money when they can retire from full time work.

Perhaps in a few years I can let you know. Eating too much can be done anywhere and any time.

Playing games, now can be done anytime and anyplace. Taking vactions, is perhaps a favourite adult past time. Places we can travel too quickly and inexpensivley are great ways to relax and decompress.

Having sex, as you wrote, more easy for woemen than men. Even us married people can tell singles that being married does not mean sex in the morning and sex every night. Some nights we are lucky to get enough sleep.

Then again most of us are not as attracitve as Ms. Loh.

Buying unneccessary things, there are those addicted to shopping and then there are those who measure their happines by how much shopping the accomlish on a single day.

One activity you left out, why not ask about wanting to sleep excessivley for a few days!


Yu-Kym said...

Sleeping is never a waste of time! People want to sleep "excessively" only because they are sleep-deprived.