My self-designed standing desk

I'd been checking out desks for standing but none of them were good enough. Inspired by some articles on the internet, I decided to put together my own standing desk. It took me only 5 mins because I had the necessary "equipment" already: my printer/scanner and an adjustable laptop stand. I'm writing this post from my new desk!

My printer/scanner takes up a great deal of space. Finally its size has come in handy!

If you plan to build your own desk and you don't have a stackable printer like mine, I recommend this $12.90 table from ikea which you can put on top of your existing desk. The white, black, blue and pink coloured ones are $12.90. If you prefer a birch colour, it'll cost you $17.90.

To place my keyboard, the XGear brand of laptop table is very good (its height and tilt are adjustable). There are many others options on for less than SG$30.

If you do not wish to invest any money into your standing desk yet, you can try working on your kitchen counter top (stack up magazines or books if it's too low).

When I'm seated on my chair, I feel obliged not to move around too much (not that I can even if I wanted to). Now I can swing my arms and stretch while thinking or waiting for webpages to load. Much better! Having a standing desk doesn't mean that I have to stand all day. I use a bar stool if I feel like sitting high. (My dad bought me this cheap bar stool to stand on for changing light bulbs. He swears that it's more sturdy than a foldable ladder). I still sit when I feel like sitting. I can convert the standing desk into a normal desk easily. The whole idea is to move instead of remain frozen in my seat for hours.

The only other thing that I'm missing is a comfortable mat to stand on. I'm getting a floor mat with memory foam in it. Then my standing desk would be complete!


David said...

Welcome back! The world and your readers have missed your pithy remarks.

Work can at times become all consuming and leave little energy except for those diversions that allow you the freedom to relax.

An ergonomic standing work station. Several people where I work have had those for some years. It does help with knee and back problems. That memory foam floor mat might be to soft for the intended use. One review site recommends this mat found at Amazon.

I trust that after all the leaves at your company are completed that will allow you to take some much needed leave time.


zane Lam said...

The idea of a standing desk is great, I might do it soon, my back is always tired after a hew hours of work.

Let us know about your back after a few weeks of using. Cheers


Heli Hanson said...

Hey I just came across your blog and I really enjoyed reading it. My mom works from home and she had this extremely annoying chair and desk at her home office. She had started getting some pains in her back and arms and I was thinking to help her get some ergonomic desks so that she gets comfortable while working. I was looking for some famous brands online when I came across your blog. Thanks for the help.