Is being a blogger synonymous with being stupid?


Writers are intellectual perhaps.
Maybe poets are romantic.
Are bloggers stupid?

I'm surprised at the stupidity of posts by bloggers (such as the infamous Roy Ngerng who got fired after slandering the Singapore Prime Minister ) and people on Facebook (woman got fired for racist post). What were they thinking?

I'm sure there are better things to write about besides the government and their jobs? Life is good if they are employed and healthy. But it's not so good when one chooses to be stupid!


David said...

Yu-Kym, being fired for slandering another person depends on the seriousness of the remark and the laws of a nation or state.

In the States, people are being fired for opinions being publicly expressed and more than a few people have lost jobs because they donated money legally in support of ballot proposals that were extremely unpopular with minotity groups. Freedom of speech is dying throughout the world. Thougth police, aka 1984 by Orwell) is becoming the norm.