Hi, I'm alive! Are you still there?

Why have I been MIA?
1. Work has been hectic. My team members have been on leave so I have to take over their duties. Working vs blogging: whichever makes me more money wins.
2. I've been addicted to reading. I've read 32 books this year. Murder mysteries are my favourite genre for now. Award-winning literature can be incredibly boring (I could not bring myself to finish Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch).
4. Online shopping felt more interesting than writing.
5. I've been feeling anti-social. When I write, I imagine myself talking to someone (nobody in particular, just a person without a face). I haven't been feeling like talking to "nobody".
6. I'd been having problems with the ergonomics. It's not the worst that I'd ever had but since I have the choice of whether or not to write, I chose not to. I'm still using the same desk and chair that I'd been using since I started blogging but I think my body is getting bored (or old!) with that set up. After too many hours of sitting down at the computer for work, I couldn't endure that much more after work.

Many people whose jobs involve sitting in front of the computer for hours have aches and pains.

I'll write more about how I solved my ergonomics problem tomorrow!