People who dislike shopping are anti-social

I enjoy meeting my gal friend for dinner or tea but I dislike the part when she suggests that we "walk around", i.e. go shopping. Having no real need to expand my wardrobe, especially not with expensive clothes in Singapore, going shopping here seems to be a waste of time for me. Once, I asked to be excused from it but I ended up joining her anyway and getting several free samples from her friend who was working at the cosmetic counter (only that part was fun for me).

I just finished reading a book titled "Gen Buy", about the spending psychology of the "Generation Y". I'm at the older end of the Gen-Y and my friend is several years my junior. The author suggests that shopping is a way of bonding with their friends, share ideas and even share values (e.g. buy/not buying certain brands that test on animals).

If shopping is a social experience, then I must be anti-social! I've never enjoyed shopping with friends. Even in Bangkok where I like to shop, I prefer to split up and shop alone. If I think of shopping in Singapore as a bonding experience rather than about buying things, I suppose I'll be more willing to shop with her.

I'll give it a try next time.


David said...


Take it from a baby boomer, you are not the average Gen-Y baby.

What is interesting is that you did not appear to know that for many women, shopping togehter is a bonding activity.

I do help my wife shop, as she likes my taste when she cannot visualize how something looks.

You are not anti-social. No doubt that as a high profile blogger in SG you keep your associations limited. Your dating life is only occasionally written about, and nothing is known about your employer, even the type of business. Perhaps your limited revelations of facts further builds your mystique and allure.

Let us know how your next bonding experience fares.