Is gaming addiction now acceptable?

Many people are addicted to games. I don't need to point you to any research or studies. I'm sure you see commuters playing games and your Facebook friends spam you with game invitations. Gaming addiction is - or rather was - a known problem.

In the past, parents used to limit their children's video-game playing time. Now, parents, the government and even companies are trying to engage people by making "educational games" available and encouraging their use. Two weeks ago, I sold my iPad to a couple. They said they were buying it as a replacement for their 1-year-old baby who broke her previous iPad.

Are games the new way to learn? Must education be so closely linked to games? How about the people, like me, who are trying to avoid games to prevent relapsing into gaming addiction? Is gaming addiction now acceptable?

Perhaps these games are for people who would not learn on their own accord but have to be somehow attracted to learn something. We need to stop and think. Are we so desperate to make people learn that education must be at the expense of sanity?


David said...


You are quite correct there are games for educational purposes.

Keep in mind that no educational game is a mainstream game that gamers would embrace.

There are websites like this:, and that have learning games for children. has brain training in the form of games that is suppose to enhance memory, cognition, and probles solving.

There are numerous games one can find to help with math and language skills.

However, one must seek these out as such games are not found in most stores that sell games for tablets and computers.

Gaming addiction is indeed a real problem. Tales of people playing online games for 24 plus hours are very real.

You have documented addiction prone personalities, and there are such people. A gaming addiction can be disruptive as an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Gaming addiction can lead such indviduals to addictions with harmful substances.


Anonymous said...

I do not play games