Would you introduce a prostitute to your friend as a potential life partner?

Many years ago, a friend Mr X introduced me to his single friend Mr Y. X said that Y spent too much time at work and wasn't going out enough. Mr Y was gentlemanly but no sparks flew between us.

Later on, Mr X told me that Mr Y uses the services of prostitutes. I was shocked! Not shocked at learning that he pays for sex but shocked that a friend would attempt to match-make me with a man who visits prostitutes!

Would you introduce a prostitute to your friend as a potential life partner? I'd guess not. Not unless your friend has that habit of Mr Y!

Anyway, I found out from this incident and another that Mr X wasn't really the type of friend I would like to have. He obviously didn't think too highly of me at all.


David said...

Yu-Kym, I would agree with your analysis of this situation.

You properly analyzed the man in question did not think highly of you and you properly figured out why.

Some types of men should be avoided at all costs. Males who regularly used prostitutes would cause most women to be suspicious of that male being considered as a possible friend or life partner.


Paul said...

What matters more is the future not the past.

The world is much more liberated now so why not? As long as they use protection to prevent the spread of STD's.. one of the best we've tried is ESP's pink love condoms. :)

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Anonymous said...

Not all men who visits prostitutes are bad, similarly not all men who don't are good. Life is not all black or white. It is all shades of grey too...

Fabianxavier1974 said...

Hi Yu Kym,

May I share with you here details about someone who got married to a Dominatrix who he once hired for her services.

Anonymous said...

There are many shades of grey indeed, perhaps more than fifty ;)

I'd say there's nothing wrong with X and Y. It's just your personal conservative sensitivities to not associate with anyone who associates with prostitutes and other unsavory folk, as defined by your conservative values. They simply did not expect that for all your enlightened views on sex, you harbor such prudish reservations. It is X's fault only for not reading you right and considering the possibility of differing social views. But at least he told you later.

I'm curious though, were your feelings of unease apparent while ignorant of Y's past? If that was the case, knowledge of Y's past would only strengthen the negative feelings. But if you felt good and enjoyed Y's company before knowing, I think it's a great pity. Objectively speaking, it's not a huge deal. Then again, everyone thinks differently.