What's the most pathetic thing to do after getting rejected?

An acquaintance of mine was looking for an extramarital affair. I knew it because he tried to start one with me. When that failed, he tried asking me (by SMS) whether my friend (whom he had never met nor seen her photo) would be interested.
"No, she won't be interested," I wrote.
"Did you ask her?"
"No," I replied flatly.
What's there to ask? I wouldn't ever think of introducing my friend to a married for an affair!

Getting rejected isn't pathetic. Most of us must have gotten rejected at least once in our lives. But there's nothing more pathetic than a man who hits on the friend or relative of the woman who rejected him. Trust me, such guys aren't a rare breed.

Several years ago, an aircon technician tried to ask my sister out. When she rejected him, he asked her for my phone number.

I could possibly be friends with guys whom I'd rejected. However, it's just too strange keeping in touch with anyone who tried hitting on me and everyone I know!


Anonymous said...

Since you write about sex, he thought you can tutor him in person lah.
He should simply ask for your phone number looking for a tutor to improve his sex life.

Paul said...

Luckily I never went after you lol