What NOT to write in your online profile

January is the boom month for online dating, according to an article by BBC news magazine. Perhaps people broke up during the stressful year-end celebrations or they are looking for someone to spend Valentine's day with. The Asians who celebrate the lunar new year are probably in a hurry to find a partner accompany them on their new year visits.

Because our needs and wants would change over time, it might be a good idea to update your profile periodically. BBC News Magazine has some advice for phrases to avoid in their articles Readers' most hated online dating cliches and 20 online dating cliches - and what they really mean.

But getting the opportunity to get to know someone goes beyond the profile. What you write in the personal message matters. The worst 2 phases I've received are:

"I am everything you are looking for"
I wrote in my profile that I am looking for someone who is "tall, athletic and attractive" but I've received many messages from guys who are 160cm to 170cm "tall". Yup, that's tall - for a dwarf.

"I am good looking"
This phrase is seldom accompanied by a photo. When I ask for one, I usually get one of a guy who might be good looking for a retard.

"I'm an average guy"
The guy might have intended to be humble but it sounds more like he is bored with life or he is a very boring person. It might appeal to some women but not me. I believe that any guy who writes this is surely below average.

Yeah, I'm fussy and perhaps not the best person to give advice about such things but is my assessment wrong?


David said...

Yu-Kym, You are so correct about online profiles.

First anyone who expects that one can bet even a hint of what another person is like from reading an online profile is trully a foolish person.

Without meeting another and spending signifigant time with that person, knowledge of how that person treats others, how that person talks, level of education, and other habits, remain hidden.

Online profiles. Keep such short, few details and nothing dishonest. Expect that the best one can expect is for another person to have enough interest to want to meet the person one reads about in a profile.


Paul said...

I can perfectly understand your line of thought. We can only be married to one person and of course, this person has to be worth our while to spend our whole life with.

Anonymous said...

In your profile you should write :-

Looking for a tall, sexy hunk with big hands and big feet, ready to service a Discipline Mistress for the full 7 minutes.

If you don't have the stamina, please don't email me.

You must be exciting and out of the ordinary. I am bored with the usual run-of-the-mills.

So if you are an ah-qua, you are most welcome!