The most meaningful birthday wishes are found in prayers

When my family gathered around the table for my sister's birthday dinner, my mum asked my dad to say a prayer before the meal. My dad said the usual "thank you, God, for the food and bless us all who are gathered here". We were hungry and couldn't wait to start eating. When he said "Amen", my mum, "Hey, you forgot to say birthday blessings!" So my dad added on "good health and long life" blessing, my sister commented "but not too long" and I added on "lots of money" blessing. It occurred to me that if we were all atheists, we wouldn't have said any prayer. Perhaps we might have said "I wish you... (happiness, success, wealth, etc)" but people usually just say "happy birthday" - which isn't meaningful. When was the last time you said / wrote something meaningful for your family / friend's birthday?

Whether phrased as a prayer or just as best wishes, I think it is beneficial for the birthday girl to receive kind words, wishes and thoughts. I doubt any of them work in any way other than psychologically. Honestly, I'm only interested to get to the eating!


David said...

Yu-Kym, First Happy CNY!
A belated happy birthday to your sister.

Words and good wishes whether expressed as prayer or as hopes of a better year ahead, the thought and effort expressing such to someone you love, respect and have a family relation with is important.

Social media often reduces contact with family friends to a few texts and emoticons.

Eye to eye contact, the touch of hands or a hug can build so much more into a gathering with family.

You might be surprised how kind words delivered in person can help another throughout the year.

BTW, what kind of birthday cake?

Best wishes to you, your sister and your family!


Sarah Bowen said...

Exactly my sentiments. Actually, when i'm writing birthday wishes, I actually write "wishes for them", not just happy birthday. Sometimes, people may even say simply "HBD", a little disappointing.

Today's my sister birthday so I want to make sure that birthday wishes for sister will be actually good and proper. i will wish her all the good things in life, more blessings and more.

Thanks for such enlightening post.

cheers to you!