Over 30 and still living with parents?

What do you think of people who are over 30 years old and still live with their parents?

I think they are big babies. They must be very dependent on their parents and/or cannot afford to move out. (Housing is expensive in Singapore so it's understandable why adults live with their parents. Or perhaps they are helping to take care of their elderly parents or grandparents.) I also know for a fact that my 30+ year old friends who still live with their parents are messy. I have never seen their rooms but they either admit to it themselves or I have observed it while sharing a room with them. Those who live on their own are always very neat. They would help to clean up and not leave dirty things all over the place.

Though I do not think very highly of the big babies, I realise that they are rather smart not to move out. When their parents pass on, they would most likely inherit the house. Even if they had brothers and sisters, the siblings who have moved out are unlikely to force the big babies to sell the place to distribute the inheritance. (There are greedy siblings around but the majority in Singapore won't do that). Effectively, they are sitting on the gold mine!

I had a 40+ year old neighbour who was sitting on his parents' gold mine. His siblings had moved out and he was still living with his parents. Recently, his father passed away. Shortly after, there was another death in his home. I thought it was his mother who passed on and was joking to my sisters that he inherited the gold mine. But I was wrong. He was the one who passed on. I felt guilty and sad about it. He was young, active and looked physically healthy. Unfortunately, he didn't get the chance to inherit the gold mine.


Paul said...

My case is the opposite. I own the house and my mother lives with me. Hope I'm not a big baby described in your blog. :)