Happy 5th anniversary to me!


Today's the 5th anniversary of my blog!  

I don't write as often as before and I certainly have fewer readers than before (it's totally my fault, of course).  Some of you may think it's because I'm having "writer's block" while others may think that like all things, some blogs die a natural death. 

The real reason?
Progress. The real reason is progress. 

Sometimes I feel sad that years of my youth are slipping through my fingers. But you know what would be sadder? If I found myself in exactly the same position as I was 5 years ago: With the same mentality, having the same goals, holding the same job, doing the same things!

I'm pleased to say that I have changed, I have improved many aspects of my life. Bit by bit and step by step. Although my daily progress was so little that it did not even feel like progress, the sum of all my effort over the past 5 years had been significant progress. 

My level of happiness is much higher than before, my relationships with my family is very good and I am satisfied in my current job. I also feel that I learned more, have seen more and in greater control of myself. 

"Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, and be more, and to do more." - Oscar Wilde

Thank you for your support the past 5 years! Thank you, especially for buying my book. I still have 20 unsold copies of it so please buy yourself a good read and help me to clear my shelf space :) I intend to publish a new title next year in electronic format. I'll post the title here when it's ready! 


Darren Chan said...

Happy new year Yu Kym!

Glad to hear you are progressing in life. Slow and easy beast not progressing at all.

Have a wonderful journey until 10 years anniversary!

Take care :)

Paul said...

Great to hear that...Me too, actually. I'm happy to be out of a rut as well

David said...

Happy 5th anniversary! Looking forward to another book from you. I still pick up your first boo k every once and awhile.

Perhaps your next book should be on a different topic. Have any areas of interest now?