Atheism, anti-semitism, anti-religion

Someone quoted this comedian in the Straits Times newspaper yesterday:
"Saying atheism is a belief system is like saying not going skiing is a hobby. I've never been skiing. It's my biggest hobby. I literally do it all the time." - Ricky Gervais.

In Singapore, when I say I'm an atheist people usually think it's some sort of religion. One very educated Christian friend even remarked that I'm "almost anti-semitic" when I've never ever made remarks or jokes about Jews.

Atheism is the rejection of belief in the existence of deities or god(s). It is not a religion.

A commonly used term in Singapore is "free-thinker". This is not a specific term. It could mean that:
a) you believe in some god but you don't practice it,
b) you practice some form of religion whichever you feel is appropriate (or a mixture of them - yes, it is common for people to pray in church and also burn joss sticks at Taoist or Buddhist temples),
c) you don't believe in the existence of god, or
d) that you have no opinion or don't care about gods or religion.

I fall under category (c) but border on (d) too. Although I am somewhat anti-religion because of the delusional state that it puts people in, I am against the idea of religious institutions (and how they use their power to get what they want) instead of against the individual followers.But you won't find me waging war against religious institutions. I don't care enough about religion. Regardless of which religion people believe in, they still can and will do whatever they want.


Anonymous said...

usually these religious people have had some recent traumatic events, they seek solace in religion, good, otherwise IMH will be flooded and suicide rates will sky rocket