Want more money? Have more sex!

A study found that people who have more sex earn more money than those who have less sex. [See full study]
More sex = more money?

- people who have more sex are physically fulfilled vs physically frustrated so they perform better at work, or
- people who earn more money and have more time to have sex.

Which is the chicken and which is the egg?

Or perhaps there is no chicken or egg but both come hand in hand: people who are more confident tend to have more sex and earn more money.

Don't you wish you could earn more money just by having more sex! Unfortunately, it only works for people who sell sex for a living!


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans have the lowest sex-sessions rate per week.
Hence they earn the least money.
Hence they all rent cheap HDB.
Is that reasonable logic?

Anonymous said...

Porn stars have the most sex.
So they should be billionaires.
But how many billionaire porn stars are there?

Anonymous said...

It appears you didn't read the study you linked in its entirety. Scared off by all the statistical analyses eh?

Paraphrasing some of the text, it's suggested that sex is a health indicator. Economics literature also suggest that physical and mental health are important factors that influence wages. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs lists sex on the same base level as food, water and shelter. If these needs are not met, humans cannot function.

So if the needs of sex, together with food, water and shelter are met, people would be happier, healthier and more productive. Sex is just as essential as food, water and shelter is basically the point of this study.

Want more money, have more sex? This is a half-truth. The idea is want more money-> be happy and healthy. Good frequent sex is part of being healthy. Unfortunately, the prudes in society are such blind self-centred asses.