Man on bus wanted me to be his mama

I was happily seated on the "kor tuck" seat on the bus. If you'd taken such a bus you would know which seat I'm referring to. It's the seat at the front of the bus, either directly behind the bus driver or right beside the front door. An SBS Transit spokesman said: "These seats, which are found in the new single-deck buses, are designed specially to cater to an adult and a child. It is not meant for two adults. [See report here]

It's the only seat on the bus (other than the driver's seat) which allows you to sit alone - that's why it's called the kor tuck seat.

A man boarded the bus. He was trying to find enough coins to pay for his journey. I noticed he was also staring at me. After he got his ticket, he stood beside my seat. Perhaps he couldn't balance himself so he was standing there till the bus made its next stop. But he kept standing there. I turned to look at him.

"Can you share the seat?" he asked.

For a split second I thought I should give him my seat and I would sit somewhere else to avoid any harassment but I decided not to move for his sake. There were many empty seats on the bus.

"No." I felt a scowl on my brow. I deemed it unnecessary to contain my disgust. "This seat isn't for 2 people." Why did he want to sit on that tiny seat with me??

From the corner of my eye I saw him walk to the standing area behind me to stand for a minute, then he sat for a minute. Soon after he got up and stood beside me again. It was time for me to alight anyway so I got off the seat. He kept standing at the same spot. Perhaps he was interested in the bus driver!


Anonymous said...

You will find plenty of perverts in Stinkiland!