Is he a mommy's boy?

I've had a boyfriend who would call his mother immediately whenever he had a question which he thinks his mother might know the answer to, e.g. where to buy something or the name of a fish in Mandarin, and another one who would call his mother for an extended chat every other day even when we were on vacation together.

"Are you a mommy's boy?" I asked him.
"Yes, I am."
At least he admitted to it.

Perhaps I attract such boys or they tend to have certain qualities which I like such as their frequent reporting back to me and doing as I say. I don't think there's anything wrong being a mommy's boy except if they regard mommy's demands and opinions as more important than mine. The risk of that happening would be high so it would be important to be on good terms with his mother.

Ladies, if any guy says he tell you that he hardly calls his mother it's not necessarily all good news. The next most important question to ask isn't exactly how many times a year he calls or why he wouldn't call her but, "Are you living with your mother??"


Anonymous said...

Always a tricky situation