I'm addicted to online shopping

Online shopping isn't new to me. I've bought travel tickets, book hotels, buy electronics, etc. 1 item per month on the average. But when I chanced upon a Chinese website aliexpress.com, I bought 7 items online in a month! That might not be a big deal for regular shoppers but it is a big deal for someone who dislikes window shopping.

The first item I bought was a mobile phone. So naturally, I'd need to buy a handphone cover. I'd also need a portable charger and a bluetooth headset. And while I was at it, I also needed to buy a new case and screen protector for my iPad. And re-chargable batteries for my remote control. The more I browsed, the more things I "needed" to buy. It felt as though my mind would not rest until I click "Buy" and enter my credit card number. But then, I'd move on searching for the next product to buy.

Many items listed there are cheap - much cheaper than Gmarket. Of course there are many fakes, as there are at other sites too. For example, you could purchase a 64GB class 10 Samsung micro SD card for US$13. The packaging and items would all look real. I read that if you check the capacity in Windows it would state 64GB but with the right software you would find out that it's only a 4GB class 4 card. Cheap rechargeable batteries could look like batteries on the outside but they're just filled with rubbish. I have to be prepared to get what I pay for.

The items I wish to buy are inexpensive. I ask myself, "Do you need to think so long and hard over a few dollars?" I've spent SG$260 so far. That's less than the SG$350 profit I made from selling a Mulberry bag which I bought in UK. I can totally afford to buy what I bought. However, I don't like buying more than I need or generating waste when I dump my old stuff. I don't need a new bag or a new watch. But it sure would be nice to have new ones. And exciting to anticipate, receive and unwrap the package, and play with my new toys.

I hope online shopping is just a temporary means of entertainment - which has been affordable so far. Perhaps I'll stop when I use up the $350 "budget".


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