All lonely women need a dick?

This spam mail got me laughing:

It's not a secret that all lonely women need a dick ;)
Why should you pay for SEX!?
Meet the girls who want to have SEX with men older than 23 y.o.!
Me for example.... ;))
Shame on me! ;))

Mandy Stepp

This was probably written by a balding man seated behind his computer being tube-fed from an extra large jug of Coke resting on his fat thighs. Only in his dreams would his dick to be wanted! If he got really rich from his online business, women - lonely or not - might consider his dick.

You're heard the word dick used in this way: "Stop being such a dick!"
Nobody likes a dick.

Besides, if that "secret" in the email above is true, why are there so many men still looking for sex? After all, there are more women than men around (except in China). I think women want more than just a dick - or perhaps they want everything else but a dick.


Anonymous said...

Notice many happy single women these days? Perhaps they are happy 'cos there's no "dick" in their life

Anonymous said...

They just want a battery operated toy lah!

Anonymous said...

In North America, they want an ass hole plug!

Anonymous said...

They don't need a dick lah.
Their fingers can do the job.