Why some Chinese manufacturers would kill babies

My friend in China said that her sister is studying overseas.
"Don't you have a one child policy?" I asked.
"Oh, she's not my real sister but my cousin. But we are like sisters," she said.

I read an article about how Chinese women were forced to have abortions and sterilized without even being told. The minions of the officials would drag women from their homes and give them an injections at the clinic. The women would wake up with the baby gone from their womb and sterilised. Near term 8 or 9-month old foetuses were not spared. Some women were left disabled (and I'm sure some died) after the procedures. Such acts were sanctioned by the government. It sickens me.

But the government their reasons for these extreme measures. I do not agree with the measures, whatever their reasons might be. However, after reading the article I realised why some Chinese manufacturers do not care that their products might cause harm or death to babies (e.g. in 2008 melamine-tainted milk powder, in 2013 toxic drinking straws). After all, these are the people who have lived in a time when the government itself was mass-murdering babies. They were not taught to value human life. Babies were an inconvenience and had to be done away with.

I'm sure the majority of Chinese people do value human life. It's just a few black sheep who don't. It is important to first understand the root of the problem before anything can be done to change attitudes and practices.


Anonymous said...

This is nothing lah!

You should see the number of abortions in Western societies - it goes into hundreds of thousands.

Then there are white parents who like to murder their children when they are young kids - there are dozens of them in jail.

Then there are natural population controls in White Societies e.g
1) abundance of drugs which kill millions
2) Abundance of guns which kill even more millions.

In USA alone, the number of people killed by hard drugs, guns, knives, murders, assaults, alcohol, car accidents exceed half a million p.a. easily.

David said...

Let the facts speak for themself:

Homicide in the United States for 2012: 14,748

Deaths from auto accidents:33,808

Abortions: 1.29 million people were killed through abortion in the United States in 2002

The PRC has around n 2008, there were an estimated 13 million abortions performed, and approximately 10 million abortion pills sol, due to the one-child only policy.

Approximately 42 million abortions occur every year worldwide

BTW there are now far more single young men 30 yrs old than there are 30 yr. old females.

Perhaps fact checking would be useful.


Anonymous said...

hey david, care to name the source urls where you get your information from.

I remember reading that the American Government claimed Mao murdered over 40 million Chinese in the 1950's. Perhaps those Yanks were high on LSD at the time! Having a bad trip!

David said...

Anon, a web search is to easy.

I give you just this one:

That article informs us that since 1971 336 million abortions have been done.

This has undesirerable effects on the women of China.

56% of the world’s female suicides occur in China, but only 19% of the world’s population lives in China!

Perhaps you have that due to the one child policy, there are more young men than young women in China.

Chinese value male offspring more then female. Hence more aborted girls. Now there are not enough young women under 30 yrs.

No nation is close to perfect. Singapore is a very desirable place to live as long as one can live within it's system of laws.


Anonymous said...

The article http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia-pacific/2013/03/201331664754454580.html says 330 million abortions in 40 years ago. They have no prove how true their figure is or give us year by year breakdown of figures. Perhaps you picked “2008, there were an estimated 13 million abortions” out of thin year.

If we take a ball park average of 8 million abortions per year, then with China’s population of 1344 million ( see Wikipedia ), then the abortions represent around 0.5% of the population.

Now take your USA figures, ignore the difference in year quoted, just do a ball park figure, your figures total comes to 1,338,556. Take the USA population as around 300 million, that represents around 0.5% of the population too. And statistics says that 1.5% of USA’s population is actually in jail!

This proves China’s abortion rate as % of population is not worst than USA’s deaths in your figures as a % of total population.

All over the world they say USA has a wonderful in build natural population control in the form of wide spread use of hard addictive drugs, abundance of guns to kill each other whenever whatever they fancy, freedom and no-protection in sex ( free to fuck anyone as much as they like ), AIDs, proliferation of STDs, abortions, wars (America has been fighting wars non-stop ever since WW2) – so much so that population growth is almost nil!

No wonder they say Americans are the biggest ass holes – after all they love to satisfy themselves with the wrong hole!

Anonymous said...

I hear many Americans have to wear ass-hole plugs too!

Does that prevent them becoming ass-holes?

David said...


Your tendentdactic remarks are only an example of why such plugs do not work.

If you were less of a skellum you might research facts and take time to develop some pithy remarks.

Instead you choose a pugnacious and philippic approach to on-line discussions.


Anonymous said...
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