I want a guy who makes me laugh

I met a guy for dinner and I asked my gal friend to come too. After dinner, my gal friend told me that she found him to be a bore. I subsequently developed a mental boredom meter.

5 points: Amazing!
4 points: Interesting!
3 points: Ok, so?
2 points: Can't you see I'm falling asleep?
1 points: I can see your mouth opening and closing but I'm not hearing anything

While in conversations with other guys, I often found myself watching with amusement how confident they were about their intellect and sense of humour while I was bored enough to activate the boredom meter superimposed on their foreheads. Nowadays I don't even bother to meet the guys who fall into the 1 to 3 point categories in their emails. I won't meet a guy who can't write something that makes me laugh.

I think many guys misunderstand when women say "I want a guy who makes me laugh". It's not just about telling jokes and being witty. It's not about acting stupid and playing the fool. Sure, all these would make women laugh but that's not the essence of what we mean.

I am sure you know that it requires some thought to say something that makes people laugh. You feel happy when people laugh at your jokes. And it can be awkward when someone tells a joke and nobody laughs. When women laugh at your jokes, you feel good about yourself.

Women actually - consciously or subconsciously - use laughter to communicate their interest in the man telling the joke. (So perhaps your jokes are less funny than you think.) However, there's no point in being humorous and the life of all parties but yet being a jerk in other ways such as constantly arguing with her, womanizing, being a sloppy bum at home or a one-minute-man in bed. After a while, you are going to run out of jokes to tell (which may not have been funny at all to start with) and you playing the joker won't seem funny anymore.

Laughing (usually) equates to being happy. Women want men who make them happy just as men want women who make them happy. Of course, men believe that women can never be happy but isn't that the case for men too? There's no such thing as 100% happiness because of inevitable misunderstandings or unlucky situations. Different people define happiness differently - but don't make the mistake of generalizing what men want versus what women want. Some women would rather be with a boring guy than with a joker.

As for me, I would like someone who is reliable and makes me laugh. Would I want someone who is reliable but doesn't make me laugh? I'll give that 2 points.


Anonymous said...


You want a guy who can make you wet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she will need to carry a hair dryer with her when she meets the right man who can make her wet!

Anonymous said...

How to score 3 points? Or above that? Money or gifts?
Red kitty

Anonymous said...

u except money or gift u are cheapo