Creativity gets you nowhere


When people notice me holding a pen or a pair of chopsticks in my left hand, they often say that left-handedness means a person is creative. Being creative used to be a good thing in school: creative writing, music, arts and crafts. But in the context of work and even with the government's encouragement on creativity, is creativity really valued in modern day work in organisations?

Think about the last time when you came up with a different way of doing things or a new service to include in a proposal. How did your boss and colleague react to it? If they rejected your idea without attempting to think about it, it's very likely they're just lazy. That's alot of extra thinking for no rewards at all.

What gets us further in modern day work is efficiency and compliance. Although some bosses say "think creatively" and "think of out the box", there is no incentive for employees to be creative.

Even in the context of business-owners and artists, creativity only gets them so far. Ideas are not even a dime a dozen; they are free of charge. If they lack determination, perseverance and discipline they aren't going to be successful.

Creativity on its on gets you nowhere. Before leaders stress the importance of creativity, they should think about the reward system and how the system functions as a whole. And before we "teach" people how to cultivate creativity, we should teaching the good old values of determination, perseverance and discipline.


Paul said...

Some books wrote left-handed people lack emotional control but I guess whether this is the case is really up to you to judge as no one knows you better than yourself.

Yu-Kym said...

But I'm not left-handed; I'm ambidextrous.

Paul said...

Haha, that makes you exceptional...;P