Cats and humans are so alike!

I've been watching a reality TV series, My Cat from Hell. A cat behavourist goes around helping people who have problems with their cats, e.g. violence towards their owners or other people in the house, cats being violent or feeling intimidated by other pets in the house, spraying pee around the house, not using the litterbox, etc. It's a very useful program to watch if you have cats or intend to keep cats.

I noticed some similarities between cats and humans:
1. Building confidence
Cats need to build confidence by hunting and playing. In the wild, they need to hunt and then they eat what they just hunted. There is a sense of accomplishment and confidence in their hunting abilities. Cats don't always hunt to eat. Something they simply enjoy playing with their prey.

Humans aren't different. We build confidence through our work which eventually feeds us - this is similiar to hunting and eating. As for play, we have fun activities like sports, arts, drinking with friends, children and animals. And of course, we have sex. All these add to our sense of confidence.

2. Grooming Cats that don't have confidence don't groom themselves. Confident cats will groom themselves even if it gives them digestive problems, i.e. hairballs. (Note: Some cats overgroom themselves till they get bald spots. These are not confident cats.) External good looks reflects inner confidence.

In the same way, confident people take time to groom themselves. And the people who are overgroomed (e.g. too much designer bling, too much make up, too much hair gel) tend have problems with their self-esteem.

3. Being overweight
Overweight cats tend to have behavioral problems. Overweight cats are overweight because of their diet and also due to lack of exercise. Hunting and exercise is the source of their confidence. Because of the discomfort of carrying excessive weight on their joints and potentially suffering from arthritis, lack of confidence, they tend to be territorial and violent.

Well, I think I've said enough about humans being overweight in my other posts so I shall not say more other than this: if cats can lose weight, so can you!


David said...


I would like to extend your observatoins of human and cat like behaviour similarities.

The same behaviours extend to all of us mammals!

That's right, horses, dogs, cats, bears along with Elk, Deer and Buffalo all share similar habits.

Now humans do not roll around in dust to remove insects from thier pelts like Buffalo, but such is basic hygiene for these creatures.

All of us mammals seek out physical contact, a cuddle, a hand any type of gentle touch.

You are correct also in that the cleaner among mammals, the more confident that mammal becomes.

So we humans do share very similar behaviours to our mammalian relatives.

However keep in mind, that grooming, hygiene are learned behaviours. These are not hardwired into us.

Confidence is different altogher, and you have written considerably on that topic. Perhaps a fresh look at confidence should come along soon?