York: 22 May 2013

We all know New York but where's "old" York? It's a 2-hour train ride North from London.

Train schedule
York is a very beautiful historic city - well-worth the 2-hour train ride. But it was a very cold morning that we just had to stop for a coffee before carrying on. The cafe was on a bridge over a river. We felt warmer after the coffee - the coffee warmed us up and it was less windy. Our first stop was supposed to be the York Minster. Unfortunately, the duke of York (I think) spoilt my plans. He was in the cathedral. I walked up to a policeman and asked him when I should return.

"Unfortunately, the duke is not going to come out this way. He's going to leave the cathedral after the mass by another exit and helicopter will come to fetch him. You won't get to see him," he said.

He thought I wanted to see the duke. I was actually interested in when he was going to vacate the cathedral. We would have to return in 2 hours' time if we wanted to enter the cathedral. We made our way to the York Castle Museum instead.

Along the way, we passed a market square. There was a nice lady selling toffees so we bought some.
Toffee shop at Newgate Market
There are many modern shops in the old York buildings

There was a charity event and people dancing to rock and roll. They were dancing before we went to the museum and still dancing on our way back from the musuem!
Dancing to rock and roll

We bought drawings from a street artist. He said we could pay whatever price we wanted. We saw that 2 previous customers had paid 20 pence for 2 pieces and 5 pence for 3 pieces! Poor guy! We bought 3 pieces for GBP5. Perhaps some tourist wanted to test whether he meant it and really did pay that little, but paid a decent price for their next purchase? Or maybe they were glad to take advantage of the artist's pricing strategy.
Street artist's shop
Sale list

It's impossible to miss the Clifford's Tower, beside the York Castle Museum. It's a tower on a hill. In 1190, 150 Jews were massacred on the site. Some people would pay to enter and climb the tower. (Adult £4.20, Child (5-15 years) £2.50, Concession £3.80, Family (2 adults, 3 children) £10.90. ). My dad and I didn't. [Read about the History of York]

The York Castle Museum contains exhibits of items used in everyday life : costumes, textiles, military and social history. There's also a prison exhibition. It gives you an idea of what it was to be held in a prison.

For the prisoners
Photography is not allowed in the museum but I managed to get a shot of the geese out in the garden behind it leading to a real water mill exhibit.

Cute as they may look, they were responsible for the numerous droppings of considerable size on the ground.
Geese and ducklings
It was time to head back to the York Minster. We went inside for a quick look and to take some photos.

Outside York Minster
Inside York Minster

The City Art Gallery was closed for renovation but the ice cream van was open! No, I didn't buy one because I try not to overeat when I'm travelling.
Ice cream
Beside the City Art Gallery is the King's Manor. It is now a university. There's a restaurant inside so visitors can go into the courtyard and restaurant.
King's Manor
King's Manor
Beside the King's Manor is the York Museum and the Museum Gardens. The museum contains some interesting fossils.
Dodo bird
Wolly mammoth tusk
Ichthyosaurs fossil
The Museum Gardens very pretty. So pretty that someone paid to have a memorial bench here. The living creatures had a nice time in the gardens too!
Bench at the Museum Gardens


Paul said...

Hi Yu-Kym,

You'll be surprised to know that it has not been raining for close to a week and the temperature had been consistently 33 deg celsius with the sun out in full force back home in Singapore.