Pornography is good for us: without it we would be a far more repressed society

That is the topic for discussion on BBC radio.

My friend sent me links to several educational videos. Unfortunately, those sites were all blocked by my Internet service provider.

"Gosh, you are really controlled there," he said.
I couldn't argue against that. It is true.

I find most porn boring. I'm not a voyeur. But some of it can be educational. For example, you can learn about certain techniques (though not all of what you see/read in porn is real) and see some incredible things that you may not have thought of doing before. There's something for everyone regardless of race, age, body type or sexual preference. The fat women needn't feel unwanted (there are many men who love big, beautiful women); the old needn't feel too old for sex (there are many men who love cougars and even grannies); men with small penis can certainly get sex (there are women who enjoy humiliating men for their small penis). It can be liberating to know that nothing is too weird and that that they are not alone. If not for porn, perhaps most people might only practice the missionary position!

Of course, the sensible person will not believe just anything or practice sex acts that are just wrong. But most people, as I'm sure you'll know, are not. Many wrongly believe that the female porn stars are really enjoying themselves. The reality: they would puke when the camera is not rolling, they take drugs so that they feel numb. A man who thinks women enjoy those acts might try it with his partner and when she doesn't react in the same way as the porn actresses, he may think she has a low sex drive and just lose interest in her. Women are expected to be behave that way. The real women don't but the prostitutes would. Men would believe they're such studs in bed if the prostitutes fake it. Then the men get addicted to sex with hookers because they men enjoy how the hookers behave - be it real or fake. Well, there's a great deal of money to be made from fantasies! A scarier fantasy would be the type that's just wrong. I'm referring to rape and sex with children. People who felt sexually aroused after watched some rape or kiddy porn may be inclined to act on their fantasies.

I don't think the government should spend resources trying to block porn sites. For every site that is blocked, a hundred more are born. Resources should be better allocated elsewhere - for example, to pay Singaporeans more than 2.5% for on CPF funds. 2.5% for a life-long term is the most miserable return I've ever heard of! Why are Singaporeans paying big bucks to the people who are investing our money and getting such low returns?! It might sound like I'm off-topic here but I'm not. I'm less repressed because I read/watched some porn!

Consider how repressed people in the UK and US are...

Well, they're not as repressed as Singaporeans. Get the point?


Anonymous said...

A male friend REALLY thinks the women in porn are bisexual and are really enjoying themselves! HELLO, I do have to agree with you they Really have to be on drugs to do what they do

David said...


The porn industry, if one can call it such, is slowly killing off it's actors & Actresses.

Wikipedia states: "In the 1980s, an outbreak of HIV led to a number of deaths of erotic actors and actresses, including John Holmes, Wade Nichols, Marc Stevens and Al Parker. This led to the creation of the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, which helped set up a system in the U.S. adult film industry where erotic actors are tested for HIV every 30 days.
2004 AIDS scare

In April 2004, an AIDS scare rocked the heterosexual US porn industry when two pornographic actors tested HIV positive in California, the center of U.S. porn production. The straight segment of the porn industry voluntarily shut down for 30 days (a 60 day moratorium was originally announced but it was lifted early) while it tried to deal with the situation.[3]

Three actors, Darren James, Jessica Dee and Lara Roxx, initially tested positive and were barred from further sexually explicit content production. About sixty actors who had had contact with James or Roxx were barred from working until their next round of HIV testing was completed and they were declared HIV negative. A further estimated 130 actors who had had contact with Gaynor were tested and also received an HIV-negative result. A total of five actors were diagnosed with the virus by the end of the moratorium: one male and four females, including one transsexual.

Porn offers a fantasy world that is very removed from reality. Much of porn has women in an inferior role, sex slaves, nymphs, or femme fatales who use sex in their trade and killed for it.

HIV however is killing the uninformed and the young.

Many veteran members of the porn community are HIV positive and sharing it with others.

Porn will literally kill itself.


Paul said...

One great danger of porn is you start losing interest in real women if you watch too much of it.

Anonymous said...

Really curious: so, as a woman do you masturbate to porn as well?