My visits to farms in Lim Chu Kang, Singapore

This is my collection of photographs from my visits to the farms at Lim Chu Kang. These vegetable, fish and animal farms are in a secluded area of Western Singapore where the cemeteries and army camps are. Most are accessible only by private transportation.

The place where we can get cook food is call Farmart Centre. Yes, it's Farmart, not FarmMart. You can find the driving directions and (paid) shuttlebus timing at their website Don't be fooled by their large carpark. It's often full during the weekend lunch hours. There are several restaurants here where you can eat cooked food. There's even a wine bar and karaoke. Thank goodness there wasn't anyone singing when I was there. You can buy some weird farm produce here. It's not necessarily cheaper than at supermarkets. There's a water fountain shop. The fountains aren't cheap. The major attraction here wasn't the fountains or pond but the Chow Chow dogs (they are not for sale). There are 3 adults, 2 youngsters and 4 puppies! They are very friendly. I pity them though. It's so warm in Singapore. You can pay to go fishing. Looks lame to me. If you prefer the fish to eat you, there's a "fish spa" where you can get the dead skin cells on your feet removed by fish that would nibble on them. I find it disgusting.

I enjoyed looking at the plants, fish and birds. I couldn't help but take a picture of the washroom. I like the open concept. Away from Farmart (by car), there are many vegetable farms but not all have a market to go with it. The vegetables at the market here aren't cheap so I didn't buy any. Thick, fat aloe vera plants are thriving at the farm. They sell fresh aloe vera cubes and desserts. The fresh cubes are too bitter for my liking. I prefer it with mango pudding. There's an aviary at this vegetable farm but there aren't that many birds there. There's a goat diary farm in the area. ( You can look at the goat, view milking in the morning and buy the fresh milk. The place where they keep the goats stink badly but you'll be immune after 10 seconds. There's a marine aquarium in the in the area too. There's a nice variety of marine fish you can buy here.
There are Butterfruit trees along the road. These are edible fruit. Here is what the tree looks like and the ripe fruit which feel onto the ground. The birds were happy to eat the fruit!


David said...


A most intersting travelogue to a part of SG most do not write about.

Last year, a cable channel travel show spent time in SG and visited a fish farm or aqua-culture farm along the coast of Singapore. It appears that fish farming, that is raising schools of edible fish in large enclosed areas in shallow coastal waters is one way SG is looking to feed the growing population.

You present some very interesting side activities, and of you look wonderful in the one teaser photo.

Happy and Safe travels!


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Anonymous said...

So many things to see in the west :-)