Is a mistress owned or does she own?

I bet the first definition of "mistress" that comes to your mind is a female lover of a married man or a kept woman - a woman who is owned and used by a man. I don't blame you. That's the definition in the dictionary.
However, the word mistress is originally the feminine equivalent of master. And when it comes to BDSM, a mistress is the dominant in the relationship who owns the man.
We've heard so many cases of men and royalty alike whose reputation have been tarnished by their mistresses and whose wives divorced them after finding out about their affairs. I don't know the word "mistress" evolved into meaning a kept woman but I think in both the vanilla and BDSM worlds it's still really the woman who owns the man.


Anonymous said...

You can be mine anytime! kept woman that is!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you and I need it..