Which type of penis is ugly?

A male friend commented that some men have ugly penis. I asked him what he meant by ugly. He said that the ones that look like mushrooms - with a larger head than shaft are ugly.

I've never defined penises are ugly. Sure, I may think it looks beautiful - only when I'm attracted to the guy attached to it. As for the rest of the penises, I might say they're small or big, skinny or thick, veiny or smooth, mushroom-shaped or bullet-shaped but I'd say apart from the diseased ones, the penis can only be as ugly as a person's character.


Darren said...

Well said. Beautifully said Yu Kym. :)

Anonymous said...

He is jealous lah.

It is the big mushroom that matters!

Paul said...

Hahaha...I just had a funny thought. If someone comments HIS penis is ugly, wonder how he will react...hahaha

Anonymous said...

Your friend must have seen many penises to have fashioned such a clear idea of penile beauty in his mind.

I wonder how.