True colours are at the end of the rainbow

I believe that a person's true character is revealed at the end of the relationship - be it a personal or professional one. At the start of each one, people are on their best behavior because it is in their best interest to behave well. However, when the relationship sours or comes to an end, some people may feel that they no longer want to put in effort to build the relationship because it is going to end anyway.

I've encountered those those who couldn't be bothered, those who try their best to help me in the transition and others who go all out to make my life hell. It's interesting and sometimes shocking to hear what people have to say at the end. The shocking words would confirm my decision (or the company's decision) to end the relationship.

You may have read this before: a woman forgot that her boyfriend was going overseas for a vacation. She thought he was ignoring her so she left him many messages, including admitting that she slept with someone to get back at him. It's entertaining! Have a nice read! :D


David said...


The incident you linked too shows the hazard of depending on social media to stay in touch.

You have encountered people who would not do anything to help you make a transition, and you have encountered others who will actually stand in your way or make personal and unprofessional attacks.

Such events tell a great deal about character or the lack of such.