Sex "lifestyles"?

Gay lifestyle.
BDSM lifestyle.

Why doesn't anyone say "heterosexual lifestyle"?

2 people can have a gay relationship, or a D/S relationship - just as 2 heterosexuals or "vanillas" can have a relationship. When it comes to sex, the word "lifestyle" is somehow connected to promiscuousness and people assume that those who are gay or into BDSM sleep around. Sure, there are many gays and people in D/S who sleep around, but there must surely be a similar proportion of heterosexual vanillas who are promiscuous!


Anonymous said...

Ah, you are making a big assumption lah.

When we talk of life style, we refer to how one leads one's life.

Perhaps you are more interested in sex.

Please don't turn your love channel into a rubbish bin for wild oats!

Anonymous said...

@March 3, 2013

Ah, severely judgmental conservative prude sighted.