I shall buy Estee Lauder products no more

Thanks to a comment posted on my blog post that the Singapore government supports animal testing, I found out (a year late) that Estee Lauder started testing on animals to comply with the Chinese government's requirement for animal testing for beauty products before it can be sold in China. [Read more] It's sad to know that my favourite cosmetics brand has abandoned animal welfare to pursue their interest in the Chinese consumer market.

I can no longer buy Estee Lauder products. I'll have to shop for replacement cosmetics with PETA's "Don't test on animals" list.

I urge you not to buy products from companies that test on animals. I acknowledge that animals testing may be cheaper, easier and show better results for now but if consumers boycott animal-tested products, companies will be motivated to explore alternative methods of testing and improve them.

Many people claim to be animal lovers but they buy animal-tested products. Hypocrites. That's what they are.


P&G is on PETA's list too. Head & Shoulders, SKII, Febreeze, etc


Anonymous said...

There are simply too many hypocrites in this world.

If we care about animal welfare, then human beings should stop killing and eating cattle, horses, pigs, chickens, etc etc , in fact, all living things.

We should all be vegetarians.

So stop being a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

What about lancome? Oh dear I tot estee is animal friendly, how disappointing!
Red kitty

Anonymous said...

Dear anon, what kym means is to avoid unnecessary torture to animals, as these products will be released and sold regardless of the harm Inflicted, it has no
Impact on the outcome? Thus testing is deemed unnecessary

Paul said...

Maybe they genuinely are not aware - until they read your blog post, that is. Haha.