Do you prefer river view or forest view?

Here are my offices: one has a river view and another has a forest view.
River view

Forest view

I've always been a fan of forest view - be it for my home or office. I find the reflection from the water glaring. I also prefer to hear the sound of the crickets and birds in the forest than the sound of horning boats.

Which do you prefer?


David said...


I like both views.

However I must qualify the water view being more along the water views I have experienced here in the Great Lakes. Sunlight can glare from the water, but only for a short time each day.

No busy harbors here full of noisy boats. Lake freighters are seen in the distance quietly going from one lake to another.

Being waterside here one most often is put at peace by the sound of the water against the shore. Very good for sleep I have found.

Forest views are peaceful and up here very colorful in the fall.

I must say however the best view in both photos are you!

Your great sense of style and taste shows why you are successful in the business world!


Paul said...


For me, I normally do not prefer to sit near the window as I find it rather distracting to do so when I'm working. I think you have posed a very interesting question. If you are used to some form of background noise, you will find it distracting when it is absolutely quiet and vice-versa.

Since water has always been known to have a calming effect, has it helped you in staying cool throughout work in the office ? Lol


David said...


If my office overlooked a lake or typical Michigan harbor it would indeed help.

However I work miles inland. Only when my wife and I travel can we enjoy waterside views!

BTW, an observation from camping in a forest. Forest are most often very quiet.

Staying during a gale or other windy storm is very different. While at ground level a forest reduces the apparent wind force, the force of the wind can be heard roaring through the tree tops. In strong winds, the trees in a forest sway and groan at times that can be heard as the branches and trunks react to the forces of the wind. Then there is the occasional loud snap of any branch that is broken off by the force of strong winds.

The first day of spring is Wednesday, so of course the weather here is predicted to be cold and snowy!

I trust that SG is enjoying a much milder end to winter!


Yu-Kym said...

I find the sound of water rushing up the shore as relaxing as the sound of rustling leaves. But too much of that may put my brain to sleep! I find the sound of (most) birds and crickets pleasant.

I heard that you can get a tan by sitting by the window with a river view because of the UV rays reflected from the water.

Anonymous said...

Those thunder thighs will grip your men well making them go into spasm!

~Zhenna~ said...

Hi babe, it's been a lonnnnnnng while since the last update, missed you and your posts! :D

Was clearing my stuff the other day and saw your book :))..

Hope you are doing well! ^^ Love, xoxo

WaiZai said...

hmm, as long as it's an office with a chiobu view