Do you keep objects that remind you of your ex?

I found women's clothes in my then-boyfriend's wardrobe. He said those belonged to his ex and he never got down to discarding them. He promptly got rid of them when I told him to.

It seems one way of forgetting your ex is by getting rid of any photographs or objects that remind you of him/her. But if you have not discarded the old stuff, does that mean you have not forgotten your ex?

It seems Jennifer Aniston hasn't discarded her letters from Brad Pitt yet so this lead people to think that she hasn't gotten over him. I don't think keeping old letter, photographs or objects from an ex necessarily means that. I still keep gifts, cards and photographs from my ex's though I'm definitely over them. Why waste perfectly good shoes, jewelry and perfume? Maybe they would help me to remember something if I get dementia next time!


Paul said...

For me, it makes little difference if I keep any memento belonging to my ex cos we were together for a long time and the memories of her would probably be with me for a lifetime. Although we had parted ways, she had become a saint in my heart for the kindness she had showed me when we were together.

Anonymous said...

I have pawned whatever I could from my ex and used the money
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