Caucasian women don't like Singaporean men

A colleague asked me this question, "I've been in Singapore for some time and I've seen local women with Caucasian men but I've never seen Caucasian women with local men. Why?"

I'm sure you know the first thought that came to my mind! However, this is my colleague so I had to respond appropriately. Here are 2 reasons:

1. Superiority complex (my other colleague came up with this reason)
Some Caucasians think they are superior to Asians. Most men don't mind being with a woman who is supposedly of lower social status while women generally prefer to be with men of higher social status.

2. Size
Men usually prefer to be with women who are smaller in physical size but women prefer to be with men who are larger. Asians tend to be smaller than Caucasians.

Anything to add?

1. I do know a Caucasian woman - Singaporean Chinese man couple (married). But that's the only couple I know.
2. Caucasian women do hang out with the local men in the developing Asian countries such as Cambodia and Indonesia.  


Paul said...

Very few of such couples. The most famous example is of course Bruce Lee and Linda. I guess we guys prefer to marry someone with the same race as us.

Anonymous said...

Sinki men are too small and short due to poor nutrition.

Besides Caucasian women's holes are simply too loose! U need to stick a bloom handle into there!