My new computer: Sony Tap 20

I finally bought myself a new computer!

It's a Sony Tap 20 with these specs:
3rd Gen Intel Core i3-3217U processor
4GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive
20" LED-backlit IPS high-definition capacitive touch-screen display
Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit operating system preinstalled
Intel HD Graphics 4000

It cost me US$799.99 + US$27.49 for US shipping + SG$ 160.32 for Singapore GST and shipping via Vpost = SG$1250

I'm impressed with Windows 8! It really does look and feel cool. I know the specs aren't fantastic but I love the 20" tablet. It's portable so I bring it around the house and my room. I like to lie on my bed while surfing the net sometimes and I can totally do it with this tablet!

Maybe I'll be inspired to blog more often now :))
Sony Tap 20 Box
Sony Tap 20


David said...


Congrats on purchasing the new PC!

Sony does not sell the exact configuration here, most offer larger screens.

However WIN8 64bit is optimized for touch screens.

I have spent some time sampling the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Samsung ATIV S Win8 pro. Both are quite fast and make great use of Windows capabilities, MS Office and Adobe Premiere 11, to very good use.

Looking forward to more from you!


Anonymous said...

Wow touch screen  but where is the CPU? Pardon my ignorance

David said...


The computer Yu-Kym has is called an All-In-One. AIO for short.

A proprietary micro mother board housed all the components.

Yu-Kym, I discovered Sony is selling the Tap 20 over here.
At a very attractive $799USD!