Me and my Sony Tap 20

I'm fairly happy with my new computer. It's quick to switch on and off with a button. It comes on as fast as my iPad. The computer feels a little slow at times. Perhaps it's because the HDD spins at 5400 RPM instead of the usual 7200 RPM we would expect.

Strangely, I could not view photos using the standard pre-installed after I updated the software. I have to use Paint to view photos. MS Messenger is being phased out and replaced by Skype. I wonder why they even bothered to pre-install Messenger.

The sound by itself is, of course, lousy. although there is supposedly a subwoofer in it. I use my own speakers and subwoofer instead.

On the whole, I'm glad I bought it. It feels so cool to use!


David said...


Your TAP 20 is a competent PC. However you might consider adding a SSD or hybrid drive some time in the future. Most all-in-ones use the laptop style drives and most have space for a second drive.

A SSD or hybrid drive would speed up photo and video processing. The main drive that comes with your computer can be dedicated for file storage and backup.

The Intel i3 processor is adequate. Keep in mind that Intel markets the i3 as it's entry level processor. The i5 and i7 processors do cost more and for the money offer computing power for photos and videos.


Yu-Kym said...

The processor in my old desktop computer is much slower than i3 :D I also realized it was the pre-installed anti-virus software that was slowing the computer down. It was trying to block too many processes.

Anonymous said...

All Jap PCs are crap because the low level bios which are written by Jap manufacturers are not up to date or incompatible with Microsoft.

The problems you encountered with running software on Jap Pcs are due to the above reason.

Now as usual standard with all Jap products, they hide their design faults until they are caught out like the battery fires on Sony laptops etc.

Just imagine, Toyota had to recall millions of cars when their faulty designs caused deaths, one really wonders how many crappy design faults are in any Jap product!