Living where the sun don't shine

Research has shown that people tend to be depressed during winter when there is lack of sunlight.

We don't have winter here in Singapore but I tend to feel my problems amplified after the sun sets or when I wake up in the middle of the night than during the day. Then I get some sleep and when I wake up, the sun is shining brightly and I feel fine!

Now, Singapore is exploring ways to utilize underground space. I sure hope they don't expect people to live underground! I'm guessing those who can't afford to live on the ground would have to find a place to live underground. Perhaps scientific developments will enable people to live underground with the so-called same quality of life. Perhaps the radiation from the sun will one day be more harmful and beneficial.

As I'm writing this post, I'm looking out of my room window at the trees on the hill and hearing crickets and birds. People like me would be miserable living underground. But not everyone likes the sounds of nature. Many prefer the sound coming from their TV - such people would be more suited to underground living.


Paul said...


I think ultimately all this is psychological and mostly depends on willpower...the sunshine (or the lack thereof) comes from within us and is not dependent on the weather.

One important consideration if the government is considering utilizing underground space is is definitely hotter below and harmful to be living underground. Guess we have to do our best to stop the 6.9mil vision from coming to pass cos even at our current population there are signs of overcrowding already.

David said...


Likely SG developers have looked at the undergrounds in Toronto, Montreal, Paris and other cites around the world.

These northern cities have shopping concourses a few steps away from transit line, (subways), very often access to office towers, hotels and apartments on the surface is directly accessible via a short underground or surface walk.

This allows northern cities to have shopping and entertainment venues accessible year around without concerns regarding weather outside during the cold winter months.

This might work in SG, not because or winter, but due to limited land to grow upward. Developing an underground opens up more space. However moving infrastructure around and developing near existing structures takes time and much expense.

Could be interesting!


Anonymous said...

No lah, it is not boring lah, people simply bonk their time away!