Lifestyle choices determine your physical age

After uploading the picture of myself with my Tap 20, I couldn't help but notice that the picture in center of my blog is seriously outdated. I'm fitter and more lean now. And I think my recent picture shows a stronger sexual confidence than my previous one. I don't see the 2.5 years of physical aging in my appearance.
July 2010 vs Feb 2013
Some people I know look at least 5 years older than their biological age - some look 10 to 15 years older! They may think they are still young, they're tired and need a break, and question why they need to do something that makes them feel more tired and they eat too much junk food and excess calories - but that's exactly how they end up looking so old.

"I only eat this once in a while."
"It's just a small bite."

Don't kid yourself.

Before getting a drink at the pub, go the gym!
Before going to the cinema and watching tv, go run at the park!

Spending half an hour exercising isn't going to adversely affect your pub-going or TV lifestyle. In fact, it would enhance your life. But for the record, I am against regular alcohol consumption.

It's not too late to reverse the signs on aging. It's an uphill climb and will take time. Depending on when you start, the results may be different.

For example, women who have been overweight for a long time will have large legs and knee caps because the bones grow to accommodate the extra weight. No amount of exercise is going to reduce the size of their bones.

I shared a picture of this actor before but in a different context:
Marcus Graham in the TV series Underbelly
We all know that Caucasians tend to look older than Asians.

Can you guess how old he was when these pictures were taken?

I think he very sexy. (Some younger, muscular ones may be hot but I don't find them as sexy.)


David said...


I agree that you look better than ever!

Your photos highlight your confidence and fitness.

You appear to be very good at what you do professionaly and that supports the confident and powerful look you show to the world.

BTW, power, and fitness are extremly appealing. However that might make some men unwilling to approach you. They likely think you will give them one look and then dismiss them.

You are wiser, sexier, more confident and poised than before!


Anonymous said...

You find a body builder on steroid sexy?

Please remember that once he gets off steroid he will look like "I-will-be-back-terminator" with man-boobs and flesh hanging down as shown in the last photo.

Gosh, you better choose man wisely. Check for STD on a regular basis!

Anonymous said...

That guy may well be a brainless ass hole!

Today, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, is in Berlin as part of his first overseas tour at his new post, says that in America one has "a right to be stupid".

That is their logic.

So stick it up their ass!

Paul said...

Sometimes, exercises are in-built at our workplaces...for instance, in my current workplace which is far away from the city, I had to walk long distances out for lunch, as well as into and out of the workplace when I arrive and knock off. True enough, my tummy started to subside from all the walking. I guess eating two meals a day helps too.