Do I attract this type of guys?

The last 2 guys i dated told me that they have never had girlfriends with a good job or a "good passport" (that is, girls from developing countries). Do I tend to attract and be attracted to such guys or are there too many such guys around that the likelihood of picking such a guy out from the street is high? Or are the unattached girls mostly those in the developing countries or girls in any country who are without good jobs?

I was told that I look hot in my "power" suit and heels. Perhaps men are also attracted to power. Well, at least initially. After that, we'll find out whether they can handle it.


David said...


I will hazard a guess that you attract many men because you project power and feminity.

It is likely easy for men in developing countries to meet young women without a higher education or passport.

You are educated, well traveled and of course have a passport.

Power and sexuality are among most powerful aphrodisiacs.

Look at movies, novels and tv dramas that use that topic.

There are some obvious facts, you do look hot in a power suit!

You have an attractive if not inviting smile that go along with a friendly face. I would not want to be on the recieving end of eye-daggers from you when you are angry.

However your friedly face, seen in your photos is very attractive.

Now that I have mentioned the obvious, all the anons can safely comment.

BTW, Ms. Loh, have simply picked out such a male you describe out from the street?

You are known risk taker, but such daring is indeed very risky.


Paul said...

I think that you could be someone fairly dominant although I have not had much chance to interact with you to find out. My gut feel is you don't suffer fools and perhaps guys find you a challenge to date (and therefore a great satisfaction if they succeed) ?

You did not specify who made the initial approach so I can assume the guys are the ones to approach you ?

Anonymous said...

You must be dating White Trash!

They are the people who will give you that type of standard response as mentioned in your post!